March 2, 2021 - 8:59am --

Quality Assurance

Why is Quality Assurance (QA) Training Required?

  • Chapter 901-19-07 of the Ohio Administrative Code is a mandatory rule that requires all exhibitors to complete a quality assurance program prior to exhibiting terminal or partial terminal livestock in a junior livestock show. The program is conducted cooperatively by the Exhibition Sponsor, OSU Extension, Ohio Agricultural Education, or Agricultural Commodity Organizations.


  • Who Must Attend?
    • All 4-H’ers enrolled in market beef, market sheep, market swine, market poultry (including turkey and waterfowl), market rabbits, market and dairy goat and dairy cattle projects (and wishing to exhibit and compete at the Scioto County Fair or Ohio State Fair) must be verified as attending a Scioto County Quality Assurance (QA) Session 45 days prior to exhibition.
      • Youth who do not attend a Scioto County QA session by June 15th for the current year will be ineligible to exhibit and compete at the Scioto County Fair and/or the Ohio State Fair during that year.
      • It is the 4-H’ers’ (and their parent or guardians) responsibility to see that they attend a session. No makeup sessions will be offered in Scioto County. All project, breeding, market, and carcass animals must be identified and/or weighed on specific dates in order to be eligible to exhibit, compete and/or sell at the Scioto County Fair.
  • Deadline to complete Quality Assurance?
    • June 15th or 45 days prior to exhibition

      • This includes youth exhibiting at the Ohio State Fair.  If exhibition at the Ohio State Fair is before their county fair, youth must have completed that training at least 45 days prior to the opening day of the Ohio State Fair.
  • Options to complete Quality Assurance
    • A virtual zoom session taught by a county 4-H Extension Professional
      • See the dates below with Zoom link registrations that are being offered in Scioto County
      • Dates will also be shared that are being offered in other counties and open to others
    • ODA approved YQCA (Youth for the Quality Care of Animals) as an on-line option for youth to get credit for Ohio Youth QA.  However, on-line QA certification such as the Ohio BEST Show on-line course, BQA, or PQA does not meet the requirements of Ohio QA certification
    • Test-Out Option (a virtual test-out is currently in the works, more info TBA)
      • 12-14 year-old and 15-18 year-old 4-H and FFA members test out of their annual QA program.
        • Youth ages 12-14 years old who pass the QA test can test out of their annual QA program for up to three (3) years.  At the age of 15 as of January 1, current year, youth must then take the 15-18 year old test.
        • Youth ages 15-18 years old who pass the QA test can test out of their annual QA program permanently.
        • These ages are as of January 1, 2021 – a youth’s 4-H age.
      • Youth have one chance to take the exam
      • Any youth who does not pass the test the first time must attend a QA session for the current year.
      • Youth who do not pass may return the next year to try the test again.
      • Youth must earn a score of 70% or higher to pass.



Virtual Zoom Dates

Click on the link to register, a personalized zoom link will be sent to the email that you submit when registering.

Sessions will be open beginning at 5:30 pm to assist youth with Technical Issues, session will begin promptly at 6 pm.

No late entrance will be permitted

Youth will be required to keep their cameras on and participate in polling questions


ODA approved YQCA

Youth may complete this at any time prior to June 15th or 45 days prior to exhibition

  • Each child must log in and complete the training separately to generate their own completion certificate.
  • Youth can go to the following website to take the age-appropriate on-line module for $12:
    • Youth will need their 4HOnline login and password or they can create their own login and password.
    • Youth MUST register using 4HOnline for their results to automatically show up in 4HOnline.
    • You may also create your own account.
      • Please take a screenshot at the completion of the training of the certificate and email it to Josi at