July 16, 2021 - 3:58pm -- lute.25@osu.edu

Junior Fair Livestock Sale

In 2021, the Scioto County Junior Fair & Sale Committee has faced many unique challenges and required very extensive planning to meet the needs of the youth exhibitors, buyers and a market for the animals. This year, youth will be required to coordinate the final destination of their market project in advance. 

The Junior Fair Sale is a premium sale that will be held online. If an individual is interested in processing the animal locally in order to keep the meat, the information must be provided of who will be processing the animal and the facility where it will be sent (choices are below). The youth will be responsible for facilitating the private treaty of the animal for the meat. If you choose to sell the animal to an individual, regardless of price, this will not be coordinated through the sale committee. The local processing facilities that the committee has worked with will be holding spots for our fair animals and will providing trucking to transport the animals to the facility of your choosing. 

Junior Fair exhibitors will NOT have that option to take animals home and go through the livestock sale. The 2021 Scioto County Junior Fair Livestock Sale is a Terminal Sale. Market animals must meet all Junior Fair requirements in order to be eligible for the livestock sale. (weight requirements and/or placing requirements for small animals)    

Sheep, Goat and Steer exhibitors will have the choice to send the animal to the stockyards where the youth will receive a market check for their animal just as they have in the past or send the animal to a local processing facility. 

Swine exhibitors will only have the option to send their project to local processing facility. 

Rabbits and Chickens will all be sent to a packer as they have in the past. 

Please submit a photo of you and your animal that will be added to the online auction site. We ask that you dress in show attire and attempt to capture the best quality photo. 

Information that will be submitted

  • Info listed on the sale bill: Exhibitor Name, Parent(s) Name & Additional info (Project, School, etc)
  • Destination of Animal: Stockyards or Local Processor
  • If you choose a local processor: which facility & contact info of individual who is keeping the meat


Survey Link https://go.osu.edu/fairsale21

Click here for the Buyers Letter/Sale Information

Click here for the link to the online sale to view the catalog or register as a buyer

How to video for the buyer registration video