March 4, 2021 - 8:34am --

Scribe Clinic

The State 4-H Horse Advisory Committee is encouraging counties to identify a scribe for their 4-H and PAS Horse Shows to assist judges, this will allow the judge to focus solely on the exhibitor in the ring and eliminate instance of missing a maneuver.

Duane Stutzman, certified judge and OSU Equine Program Specialist, will be teaching the Virtual Scribe Clinic to provide insight as to how the classes are scored in addition to training participants to scribe for their 4-H and PAS Horse Shows.

  • Assisting judges, the role of the scribe in horse show management is critical to the education of exhibitors by providing individual scores and feedback effectively and efficiently.
  • The use of scribes is not new to the equine industry. They became very necessary for judges to truly see the maneuvers performed and penalties incurred. Things happen so quickly in individual/pattern type classes that there is no time for a judge to look down to record a score, or they may miss something important to the fair judging of the class. Today scribes are a must in every pattern class ridden in every horse show of any credibility.
  • When
    • Tuesday, May 4th
  • What Time?
    • 6:30 PM
  • Registration Link
  • What is a Scribe?
    • scribe is the person who sits with the judge on show day and writes down the scores and comments on the execution of a pattern/course.
  • Why would I want to be a Scribe?
    • Volunteers are the backbone of any horse show, but there is one position that is essential to every competition: the scribe.
    • Besides the satisfaction of knowing you’re doing your part to give back to the sport, there are plenty of selfish reasons for learning to scribe, according to Van Tuyl. “it’s the best seat in the house,” she says, “especially at the top level, because there aren’t that many comments from the judges, so you can watch quite a bit. But even at the lower levels, where you can only watch a little of the ride, you will still catch a lot. scribing is really educational. you learn what the judges are looking for, what they reward, and what they want the competitors to improve.” “When you show, you get your own feedback; but when you scribe, you get to listen to what the judge says at every level. it gives you an idea of how judges judge, how they arrive at this score, and what they are looking for,” says former USDF Region 1 director Alison Head, of Hamilton, VA, a USEF “R” judge pursuing her “s” who scribed at the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games in Kentucky


2021 PAS Score Sheets

Please print these documents prior to the Virtual Scribe Clinic in order to participate in the activities and follow along with the training

Key: SR (Senior), JR (Junior), SMS (Showmanship), HMS (Horsemanship), EQ (Equitation)


JR Western SMS

SR Western SMS

JR Hunter SMS

SR Hunter SMS

JR Ranch SMS

SR Ranch SMS

Small Equine SMS

Draft SMS

Easy Gaited SMS

Saddle Seat SMS

JR Western HMS

SR Western HMS

JR Ranch HMS

SR Ranch HMS

JR Hunt Seat EQ

SR Hunt Seat EQ

Easy Gaited HMS

Easy Gaited EQ

Saddle Seat EQ