OSU Extension Scioto County has scheduled the following training dates for Volunteers to be trained on Keeping Youth Safe. It is MANDATORY for all Volunteers/Advisors to attend this training annually.

March 19th - During the 4-H Volunteer Leadership Conference at the SOMC Friendsd Center which begins at 5:30

April 5th – 10:00 AM to 10:30 AM at the Wheelersburg Baptist Church Community Center, 11725 Gallia Pike, Wheelersburg

Volunteers who cannot make it to one of the training sessions listed above can also attend a New Volunteer Training session for the portion covering Keeping Youth Safe.  You can find those training dates here

Ohio State University Extension and Ohio 4-H is committed to providing the best experience possible for minors and volunteers.  The Activities and Programs with Minor Participants Policy establishes requirements for those who work in activities and programs with minors, with the goal of safeguarding the wellbeing of minors.  This policy states that individuals working in activities and programs with minors complete annual training on Recognizing Signs of Child Abuse.

For further details please refer to the OSU Policy 1.50, Activities and Programs with Minor Participants.