The 2023 Scioto County Junior Fair will be held August 7 - 12

According to records the first fair in Scioto Co. was held in 1828 by the Agricultural & Horticultural Society. There were numerous Fairs in the county through the years. The first Scioto County Agricultural Society was organized October 4, 1839. The first Mt. Joy Fair was sponsored by the Farm Institute, August 26-27, 1895.

In 1896 a Tri-County Fair, believed to include Scioto, Adams and Pike Counties was held at Mt. Joy. Traces of the old fairgrounds are still visible on the Mt. Joy Fair site. The Mt. Joy Fair was reorganized in 1899 as the Scioto County Agricultural Society.

In 1900 a fair was held at Dugan’s Grove, the site of the present Lucasville fairgrounds under the name of Scioto Valley Fair. In 1906 the fair was under the auspices of Scioto County Fair Co.

Portsmouth also had a fair sponsored by the Portsmouth Driving Association. The fairgrounds, cast of Offnere St. and North of 10th St. were flooded in 1907.

In 1908 the three fairs, Mt. Joy, Portsmouth and Lucasville merged under the name of Scioto County Agricultural Society and conducted the fair at Lucasville. Old timers also recall that New Boston had a fairgrounds at the former Millbrook Park, now the site of the steel plant.

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